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VOOU Solar Battery Modules

For Readily Available Clean Energy





Fast Return on Investment

Return of investment after 1 year.

Weather Independent

Suitable for outdoor & indoor under diffuse subdued light.

Effective Energy Storage

Battery included. Energy storage without chemical transformation. Over 500.000 charging cycles.

Minimal Space

Space reduction >80% compared to current solar farms. 


Only eco-friendly and certified materials used.

Improve your ROI using VOOU Panels

Suitable out- & indoors under diffuse subdued light

The novel feature of our energy-generating surfaces is the use of diffuse subdued light and the static advantages due to the use of a light film. With the coatings being able to generate electricity even indoors from diffuse light, these functional surfaces can be used to generate electricity in countries where using solar cells would normally be regarded as absurd.


Robustness and durability 

No micro cracks

The VOOU modules withstand adverse weather conditions. The temperature range has been successfully tested from -50° to +150°C.
Furthermore microcracks that make entire solar panels useless are eliminated with VOOU modules.

VOOU Modules are 3rd party tested & certifed

Generated daily power using voou

Lifetime (for solar and battery!)

Focus Markets

Green Buildings

Represent a major global investment opportunity, with buildings making up the largest segment of the US$ 231 billion energy efficiency market

Green City Initiative

The VOOU Modules work under subdued light! Hence, an average of about 10 hours of usable sunlight is available per day to produce ~1.2kWh/m2/day.

Solar Farm Projects

1 acre can be covered to 80% (= 3,237m2) with 1,986 VOOU Solar-Battery Modules to produce energy for ~1,500 households. 
[ = space reduction by ~86% ]

Flexibility, Design, Lightweight

Flexible foils allow for applications on curved surfaces or corners as well as under conditions, where the weight is a critical factor. A printed foil can be as light as 0.9kg per square meter (or 0.18lb/sqft).

The surfaces can further be decorated with colors, logos or images.

VOOU energy storing surface:
solid-state-super-capacitor battery

No chemicals, no risk of explosion or leakage of chemicals
No housing required

The novel feature of this coating is the fact that there is no sluggish chemical transformation, as well as the static advantages arising from a light film being involved.

VOOU batteries have no risk of heating up or explosion and do not need a heavy housing.

Another important advantage is the lack of expensive, toxic lithium. Only affordable, eco-friendly materials are used.


Highly cost efficient, powerful, long lasting and safe

The storage performance of 400 Wh/kg is surpassing conventional lithium polymer batteries by far. The number of charging cycles is over 500,000 which is more than 100 times that of current solutions available!

With no chemicals and no mechanical movements involved VOOU batteries achieve a certified lifetime of over 30 years. 

VOOU modules are
3rd party tested & certified.

Our Vision and Mission

We replace cost-intensive, environmentally harming energy production with a new generation of functional surfaces that generate and store energy in a most efficient, eco-friendly and safe way.

Furthermore, we enable new ways for energy management and trade.